Module 3 Test Your Knowledge

Answers found in video and ebook. 

Q1: Can Canva be used to create social media ads?

A) True

B) False

Q2: Which of the following is a free keyword research tool?

A) Similarweb

B) Google keyword planner

C) Ubersuggest

D) Quicksprout

Q3: Which of the following is NOT a step of the consumer market research process?

A) Identifying the research purpose

B) Defining your consumers’ persona

C) Listing your secondary competitors

D) Interpreting analyzed data

Q4: ‘Sourcing products from domestic suppliers ensure greater payment security.’ True or False

A) True

B) False

Q5: Which website builder is better for product stores?

A) Squarespace

B) Shopify

Q6: How many colors should you have on your website and online platforms across the board?

A) Three

B) Two

C) Five

D) Four