Module 1 Test Your Knowledge

Answers found in EBook and Videos.

Q1: EIN stands for

A) Employer Identification Number

B) Employee Insurance Number

C) Employee Identification Number

D) Employer Insurance Number

Q2: Which of the following is not a feasible way to apply for EIN?

A) Apply Online

B) Apply by Telephone

C) Apply by Mail

D) Apply through Social Media

Q3: ‘If your business is a sole proprietorship, you’ll need a registered agent in your state before you file.’ True or False

A) True

B) False

Q4: Trademarks can be corporate _________, slogans, ________, or the product name. Fill in the blanks

A) Culture

B) Brand Name

C) Logos

D) Infrastructure

Q5: Where is another resource for you to find even more information about Business structures?



C) Sba.Gov

D) IRS.Gov